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A truly special team

A quality assembly system With a decade of experience behind us,

Otrix offers its clients excellence and professional expertise:

from the logistics service, with deliveries direct from the supplier,

to our attention to detail and active cooperation with the client.


What is the most important aspect to consider when assembling a machine?
The most important aspect to consider is the attention to detail, to be meticulous during the initial stages of assembly to avoid problems during the last stage which is the testing phase.
Being flexible in the interpretation of the blueprint in order to change it where necessary, always in agreement with the manufacturing company, with whom it is important to establish a relationship based on collaboration and dialogue.

What qualifications do your staff need?
All staff must have a diploma in mechanical engineering to have the basis of mechanics and to know how to read a blueprint. Furthermore, they must be passionate about this job and bring that ‘added value’ to it which is the personality and dynamism to understand which items may give rise to problems in the machine. A new employee initially follows a period of training with the owner.

In which sectors does the company express its added value?
The company is outstanding in all sectors of assembly for various machines, from pasta production machines, to the machines for packaging.

What gave you the idea for this company?
During summer periods, while I was still studying, I worked within a well-known machine assembly company in the pharmaceutical sector. I was passionate and fascinated about this kind of work. In 2008 this company was looking for artisans to assemble machines and, thanks to my experience - even though slight - and to the support from my father who had 40 years of experience, I put myself into play. I began alone and today I have over 10 co-workers.
As it is “manual” work, we take their qualifications, their health, their safety and their professional qualities very seriously.

What does high-precision mean to you?
High-precision means assembling the various pieces with a tolerance that ranges from a minimum of 0.02 to a maximum of 0.05, less than the breadth of a hair which on average is 0.06 millimetres.

What makes the difference in your field?
We make the difference through the quality and the precision in the machine assembly, through verifying the compliance of the various pieces with the blueprint, the attention to detail and to the packaging of the product, and through nearly a decade of experience and active cooperation with the client.


A shared corporate philosophy, our distinguishing trait.

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