Training and Professional Expertise

Selecting Otrix means choosing professional expertise.
Training is a fundamental part of our work at Otrix: assembling precision machines demands the highest levels of professional expertise and attention. The Otrix staff is highly specialised in the assembly of each part of the machine.

Total flexibility

Being precise is not enough, being flexible is just as important
To Otrix flexibility is essential, especially in the first stage of the job: being flexible means knowing how to transform the blueprints into reality, changing it if necessary; being meticulous during assembly is the key to problem-free machine testing.

Attention to detail during assembly

Every action is calculated with millimetre precision.
Every least detail is essential for the functioning of our machines, precision is our strength and our characteristic.

Testing the single components

Nothing is left to chance.

Every single piece, every component is carefully checked and verified: everything, from the smallest to the largest piece, must be in its place.

Organisation and cooperation

Team work is fundamental.
A team of professionals, who are always abreast of the latest innovations, assembles each component, each single piece of machine. Cooperation and organisation are the words which describe our teamwork.

Work that is up to best practises

Precision is our guide.
Work that is carefully and precisely executed where there is no room for error: this is work that is up to all best practices.

Final testing

From the single component to the finished machine: the blueprints become reality.
Each single component is in its place, the machine is ready to be put into operation. The final testing is up to us.


A shared corporate philosophy, our distinguishing trait.

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